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Werner Boehm

Werner Boehm

Co-Founder and CEO

about us

We are a group of investment people, lawyers, auditors and entrepreneurs that considers blockchains and tokenization as the “next big thing”. Hence, we are focused on investment consulting and financial engineering around blockchain-based crypto-assets on a global scale. Together with our partner FinTech Academy, we have developed an approach to design compliant crypto-assets (tokens) under the regulatory regimes in EEA and North America.

MezzaCap has been the co-founder, seed investor, and business developer of the Canadian BitRush Corp, which was one of the first public listed blockchain companies back in 2015. Unfortunately, the company is currently confronted with a hostile takeover attempt driven by a group of investors. It’s perhaps the first unfriendly take over projects in the blockchain universe.

If you are a startup in the blockchain universe, an investor or a member of a financial institution looking for crypt-asset-based opportunities to invest or raise funds, feel free to contact us for more information using the contact request form below.

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